Top 5 Myths Debunked About Digital Marketing in 2021

The internet is overflowing with unchecked marketing advice. It’s about time some myths got busted!  

It’s an increasingly popular notion that digital marketing is a simple process that is about designing a website and advertising only. 

A very little thought is given to its complexity and thus users end up creating and believing in myths. This keeps them from the vast features and benefits of digital marketing.
Keplerbase offers the Best digital marketing services in India and we want to debunk some quite popular myths that are scamming scores of netizen populations.

SEO Is Dead

Most people think that Search Engine Optimization is not important for digital marketing. But it is not so. Rather SEO is a form of marketing in itself. 

SEO is more important than ever with the rise in digital marketing. Even though social media has strongly emerged, most of the users worldwide still prefer search engines to review any brand or product. As a result, they reach the top-rated search engine pages

Creating A Website Is Enough

Another myth that most people believe is that you only need to create a website for digital marketing. This was true when the internet just emerged into the world but now when the internet is a part of our daily lives, only creating a website is not enough. Any Best web development services company will tell you that creating a website isn’t enough to keep yourself out there!

Attracting A Good Amount Of Traffic Makes A Website Successful

Most people are of the belief that if a website attracts a good amount of traffic, then the digital marketing strategy is successful. But it is not the quantity that matters but the quality. There is a vast difference between getting traffic and getting the right amount of traffic.

People Don’t Convert On Mobile

People these days prefer using mobile phones more than their laptops and desktops as mobile phones are always with them. So if your website offers a lengthy checkout process on mobile phones, then the customers will prefer other websites that have simpler checkout. 

Negative Online Reviews Are Bad For Business

If your business is growing, then you will experience a number of negative as well as positive reviews of the products online. That does not mean creating a negative impact on customers. 

In fact, try to reply via customer service and make the customer feel special as if his review matters. Consider negative reviews as an opportunity to improve your customer care and increase your customers.

Paid Advertising is a Sure-Shot Way to Generate Revenue

Digital marketing comes with a number of avenues for creating rich revenue streams for your business but it doesn’t mean that it’s a definitive way to bring in sales.

Paid advertising such as offered Google PPC campaigns and Facebook Ads is all about understanding the audience and making your product reach the right people. It offers promising revenue but one shouldn’t take it for granted. Paid advertising, just like other forms of marketing requires deep research and a substantial amount of time before a good ROI is generated.

Paid advertising never offers sure-shot revenue.

Offline Businesses Don’t Need Digital Marketing

There has always been reluctance from offline businesses such as Brick-and-mortar stores, and consultancy businesses when it comes to using Digital Marketing methods. The primary thought is that digital marketing can’t generate business for offline operators. 

Modern lead generation techniques have proved that all kinds of businesses, may it be a local Salon or a coffee shop, or a real estate consultant, everyone can benefit from digital marketing. The enormous growth of digital platforms has opened up marketing avenues for everything imaginable. People search the web for most of their needs today, and hiding away from their reach is silly choice businesses make.


We at Keplerbase help businesses create a strong business presence online by employing effective digital marketing campaigns that deliver on the promises. Our methods and strategies are designed after a thorough understanding of your target audience, and we don’t believe in using generic tricks to build your brand. 

Steer clear of these marketing myths and work with someone who understands the fundamentals of marketing, to achieve the ROI you desire.

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